The Islands of Loreto

  1. Undiscovered 5 Amazing Virgin Islands. (“Coronado - Del Carmen - Santa Catalina - Montserrat - Danzante” )- unbelievable White sand- tranquil clear water - you can walk 300 meters offshore in the shallow waters- turquoise waters- Natural blue footed boobies habitat.
  2. Called Aquarium of the World. (More than 800 hundred species of Marine Life.)
  3. Giant´s Land. (the story says that giants live in the mountains)
  4. Whale Watching (January- March).
  5. 1st Place to Practice Kayaking.
  6. 2nd Place to Practice Snorkeling.
  7. World Class Fishing (All year long)
  8. Sea Lion and Dolphin Habitat. (Hundreds of them right in front of you)
  9. Historic ritual of Chocolate clams (Only in Loreto)
  10. Crossing the border from San Diego to Tijuana is easier than ever

Flights Schedule 

Loreto is located 5 minutes from the International Loreto Airport (Lto)


Land Schedule